About Governors for Schools

Governors for Schools exists to improve educational standards so that children and young people have the chance to realise their full potential.

We believe the key to improving school performance is effective governance. By finding, nurturing and supporting a committed network of governors we help to drive systematic change in how schools operate. Since 1999, we have been connecting schools across England with skilled and committed volunteers, supported by our business and university partnerships.

How we achieve our mission

  • We work with a wide pool of partners including big name corporations such as Lloyds, Allen & Overy and Accenture, as well as leading universities like the University of Manchester seeking skilled and committed volunteers, keen to give back to their local communities by making a positive impact on education.
  • We provide a service that is bespoke and tailored to each school and volunteer that works with us. We commit to continue seeking the right opportunity for you as a volunteer or the right governor for you as a school or academy.
  • We are dedicated to ensuring governor volunteers are up to speed and effective in their role as soon as possible and our high quality e-learning modules are designed to help achieve this.
  • We provide appointed governors with an opportunity to network and share best practice by attending regular Business Governor Network sessions organised by Governors for Schools.

In the last 5 years...

Our history

SGOSS sprung from the need for skilled volunteers to be recruited as school governors, following a report  by Industry in Education, ‘Business and Industry Governors – a case for promotion?’ into the impact people from business and the professions could have on failing inner city schools. The first of its kind, the six month pilot programme set up by the Department for Education in 1999 sought to enlist skilled professionals across four major cities to school governor positions in the most deprived areas, with the belief that business know how and expertise would transform the governance of these institutions.


From 1999 to 2005 alone, SGOSS had placed over 2,344 governor volunteers in schools, reaping the reward of improved school performance across these regions. Recruiting governors based on their skills proved to be a resounding success; not only was their value to schools proven, but also there were reciprocal benefits such as personal satisfaction and professional development experience gained by those acting as school governors.  The case was clear and in 2005 SGOSS became a national charity with a remit to connect volunteers to schools with governor vacancies all across England. Since then we have stuck by our belief in the power of an effectively governed school to raise educational standards, enhancing the future of our children and leading to a fulfilling and productive adult life.