I was aware that a number of our senior members of staff were already involved in school governance in their own time and decided this would be an attractive and meaningful initiative to add to our CSR programme.   Since signing up, the initiative has proved very popular with both our lawyers and business services staff.

Professionals have valuable skills and experience which can be easily transferred to a school governing body. Lawyers, for example, are very skilled in managing their practices and advising individuals/companies on a daily basis. Applying these skills to school governing bodies is a win-win for everyone involved.

Supporting school governance is an alternative way of providing pro bono support and allows our lawyers and business services staff to achieve their CSR targets outside of office hours.  It also offers fantastic skills-enhancing opportunities.

Feedback has been very positive from our volunteers and a number of people have now been in their positions for a couple of years which is testament to the success of the scheme.

Governors for Schools is a fantastic partner in supporting us as the process of placing volunteers us seamless from begining to end. I receive regular up-dates and reports from Governors for Schools which allows me to easily report hours invested and the success of the scheme. I have recommended Governors for Schools to CSR colleagues at other law firms.

Bernadette O’Sullivan –  CSR Manager, Dentons