Deutsche Bank

Deutsche Bank was proud to be the 4th highest Governors for Schools recruiter in 2017, with over 67 employees placed in UK schools and more than 140 applications in the pipeline.

Governors for Schools forms part of Born to Be, Deutsche Bank’s global youth engagement programme which uses a wide range of education-led initiatives to develop skills, raise aspirations and improve access to education and employment opportunities. Born to Be in the UK aims to address social mobility and the skills required for 21st century employment.

Deutsche Bank strongly supports Governors for Schools’ aim to bridge the gap between schools and employers. The bank recognises that placing a skilled professional onto a school board can significantly contribute to its success, benefitting the school and its students.  Business professionals can draw on their outside expertise and tailor it to an educational setting; for example project management experience to oversee strategic direction, financial management for effective cost allocation and budgeting, or data analysis skills to help monitor school performance.

There are clear shared benefits in supporting employee governor volunteering. In addition to enabling societal educational outcomes it can be a cost effective way of developing staff by giving them board experience.  It also appeals to employees who want to give something back, boosting morale and company pride.

“I’ve been a school governor since 2008. I’ve used my programme management skills to support our chair in driving strategic initiatives to improve how we function as a governing body and as ‘critical friends’ to our school. As vice-chair of our School Outcomes (pastoral) committee, the experience gained has been invaluable in ensuring meetings are effective and produce SMART outcomes. I find being a school governor extremely rewarding as it allows me to use my skills to give back to my local community.”  

Catherine Halpern-Dock, Deutsche Bank