KPMG and Governors for Schools– a long history of working together on school governance

KPMG has been working with Governors for Schools since the organisation began and has placed over 300 employees into school governor roles.

KPMG provides all of its employees with six days volunteering allowance, and school governors with a further two days, meaning that our colleagues can dedicate up to eight working days to their governorship. School governorship remains such an attractive role because people want to use their skills to make a real difference. School governorship provides people with a perfect way to do that; whether that’s strategic thinking; financial management; organisational development. Or most importantly, being a critical friend and supporting the senior leadership team to develop the school so that they can do the very best for the pupils they serve.

Why Governors for Schools?

Governors for Schools provide KPMG with a really tailored service. Over the last year, we have held recruitment events in London as well as targeting sessions at areas close to KPMG offices nationally where there are good numbers of school governors. The expert team at Governors for Schools deliver sessions setting out to staff what they can expect from school governorship and how they can apply. Governors for Schools then provide us with regular reports as to the status of our applications, and they chase and prompt people where needed! We find it really helpful to see the league table of ‘governors placed’ from the different Governors for Schools corporate partners – a little bit of healthy competition never went amiss! Once our employees are placed, the ongoing support they get is helpful, with a free trial to a tailored programme of support from the Key and recently the new elearning modules which are invaluable tools in getting our colleagues ready for the role.

And it’s not just governor recruitment…..

KPMG have completed several additional pieces of work with Governors for Schools, including providing pro-bono support to develop a forecasting model for target setting, staff interviews and supporting events across the country.

The Business Governor Network session on Safeguarding that was hosted by KPMG remains the session attended by the highest number of attendees.