Beckford Primary School

Name: Elshaymaa Molokhia

Title: Chair of Governors

School Name: Beckford Primary school

School Type:  Community School

Tell us a little bit about your school…

Beckford school is a two form entry school for 3-11 years old with a nursery attached. The students total around 455 pupils. The cohorts of students are mainly from a wide variety of minority ethnic backgrounds. Beckford school was chosen to be the only golden school in London based on an excellent behaviour and implementation of the golden rules by educational consultant Jenny Mosley. The school has small class sizes of 20 to enable teachers to have maximum impact on the students’ learning.

Your challenge: why did you come to Governors for Schools and how did we help?

As a new chair, one of the first tasks that I had to carry out was to fill the previous chair’s vacancy. I searched online and found a few websites that could help including Governors for Schools. My clerk recommended that I use Governors for Schools and I was very impressed with the immediate acknowledgement of the vacancy and the effective communication which led to the appointment of a new governor.

Did you have any particular requirements? (i.e. skill requests)

Yes we wanted a candidate with a finance background to join our Finance and Premises Committee.

What was your timescale? Did everything run smoothly?

I had less than one academic term to fill the vacancy. As a result of the swift and professional response I received from Governors for Schools we were able to explore several candidates and progress further with the right candidate within my timescale.

Who joined you?

Sejal Shanghavi is an associate director at HSBC Private Bank. She has extensive finance experience as well as some educational experience and a general interest in education.

What impact have they made?

Sejal took an active part almost immediately in many strategic discussions and decisions. She also took an active role in scrutinising the school work in terms of budget planning and financial targets. Sejal was also able to effectively use the core skills she gained from her teaching experience abroad to relate to and address several educational issued within the school.

Complete the sentence, “Working with Governors for Schools has benefited our school by…”

“…providing us with a highly professional tailored recruitment service”

Any additional comments?

As a new Chair with many responsibilities, of which most are new, I had to learn a great deal in the first term of my appointment. Any help and support during this time was very much needed and appreciated and this is what Governors for Schools provided me. I now know where to get help when it comes to recruitment, I can always rely on getting an immediate response and professional service. It has certainly become one less issue to worry about.