Polygon School

Name: Anne Hendon-John

Title: Headteacher

School Name: The Polygon School

School Type: Secondary special for SEMH

Why did you come to Governors for Schools and how did we help?

In September 2014, the school experienced a ‘no notice’ Ofsted. As a result, the school received a ‘requires improvement’ grade. Part of the Action Plan was to ensure the governing body was externally reviewed. The external review was conducted by consultants who recommended the GB undertook a skills audit to make sure that all aspects of the work of the school was covered. To this end, all governors re-applied for their positions, using the Governors for Schools process. This allowed each member to do their self- evaluation, providing the school with a record of where the gap in governor skills lay. This process also allowed the governors to re-constitute. Using the on-line process was an easy way of ensuring that the school had captured essential information from each governor.

The school was re-inspected in December 2016 and received a ‘good in all areas’ grade.

What was your timescale? Did everything run smoothly?

Governors were asked to register using the Governors for Schools website and within three weeks the whole process had been completed.

What impact have they made?

The school benefits from a robust, effective governing body, willing to challenge the school leadership, and the Local Authority if required. Governors know the school well and are an integral part of the school.


Leaders acted decisively to address the areas for improvement identified at the previous inspection. Leaders and those responsible for governance have had a positive impact on improving the quality of teaching and pupils’ outcomes. The school continues to improve.

Ofsted 2106


How has working with Governors for Schools benefited your school?

Ensuring we had the right people in place to warrant the following comment in the 2016 Ofsted report


Governors challenge senior leaders effectively. They provide good strategic leadership.


Since using Governors for Schools for the first time, we have referred any person who has expressed an interest in supporting the school through governance to register their interest using Governors for Schools . This has acted as an initial filter and ensured that the school leadership team were only spending time with people who were genuinely interested in committing to becoming a governor. I would recommend using Governors for Schools as a way of ensuring best use of leadership time.