Transform the lives of young people.

Your donation will help us find skilled and committed governors who can improve school performance and give children an excellent education.

Would enable us to place 5 highly skilled volunteers like Jessica.

“I was at a point in my life and my career where I was doing really wellI talked a lot about the community and I wanted to give something back, but I didn’t know how I could contribute. Becoming a school governor has meant that I’m able to support young people.”

With your help, we can encourage more people like Jessica to bring their professional expertise into schools.

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Would help us place a new governor like Sam in a ‘hard to fill’ position.

‘A lot of people here are in their third generation of unemployment now. It’s not going to get any better without a plan for the children growing up. I knew I wanted to do something that would expand my skillset and I knew I wanted to volunteer so becoming a governor was a perfect fit’.

Help us find more governors like Sam, who’s taking action to improve outcomes for children in his community.

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Would enable us to place and support a new governor like Vijay.

“I applied online – I think I stalled for a second then was chased up, which was good. I saw the opportunities available and my application was sent to the school. Governors for Schools arranged for me to go into the school and talk to the principal and chair – it was all really straightforward.”

With your support, we can help governors like Vijay make a positive impact from their first day in the role.

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Would help us introduce governance to a new volunteer like Philip.

“I decided to become a governor when Governors for Schools reached out to me – it wasn’t something I’d considered. But it’s a great professional development opportunity – I’ve developed all these different skills and I’ve gained other experience that I wouldn’t have from my own role.”

Help us encourage more skilled people like Philip to become governors.

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Each year Governors for Schools places around 2,000 skilled volunteers into governance positions across England, supporting the education of thousands of young people and children.

Effective governance translates into better use of resources and more opportunities, allowing young people to have an excellent education.

Your contribution will make a significant difference. Donate now.

If you would like more information or would like to discuss your gift in more detail, please contact:

Hannah Stolton
Interim CEO
T: 020 7288 9537