For over 17 years we have been matching employees from business and university partners with schools that need them the most.
By working with us to encourage employee volunteering you can build your reputation in local communities and provide schools with the professional know-how needed to improve school and pupil performance.
Becoming a governor also helps your employees develop their professional skills in a boardroom environment.

Professionals have valuable skills and experience which can be easily transferred to a school governing body. Applying these skills to school governing bodies is a win-win for everyone involved.

Bernadette O’Sullivan – Corporate Social Responsibility Manager, Dentons

The opportunity

Governors for Schools seeks to ensure every school in England has excellent governance.

We do this by connecting schools with skilled and committed volunteers to fill governor vacancies on their board. Our service ensures they recruit effective governors with a high level of expertise, able to drive school improvement. Volunteers bring a wide range of talents and abilities from their professional lives, a huge benefit to the schools they are placed in.

In order to provide schools with access to high calibre governors we work with businesses and universities that are invested in their communities and committed to shaping tomorrow’s workforce by improving children’s life chances today. Board-level volunteering is particularly effective when integrated into Learning and Development and/or Talent Management programmes.

By working with us and encouraging governor volunteering in your organisation, you can create lasting impact, driving systematic change across England’s schools. In the last 5 years we have placed over 11,000 governors across 6500 schools and worked with over 50 businesses and 20 university partners.

We work with many partners, including:

Benefits to your organisation

  • Develop your employees’ boardroom skills, as a Non-Executive Director, in an effective and low-cost way.
  • Help your employees to gain strategic perspective, in a £1-10 million organisation.
  • Give employees experience in other functional areas.
  • Invest in young people today so that our workforce is more highly skilled in the future.
  • Build your reputation and profile in local communities.

Benefits to your employees

  • Gain experience on a board as a Non-Executive Director which will be useful throughout their career.
  • Develop key transferable skills including strategy, budget and financial management, recruitment and performance management in organisations with budget of £1-10 million and staff teams of 15 – 150 people.
  • Working to improve educational standards in schools leading to better outcomes for children and their local communities.

Partner with us

If you share our vision and want to find out more about working with us:

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