Governors for Schools works with businesses across England to provide an outstanding recruitment and placement service for skilled and committed employees to be governors and trustees of schools and academies. We ensure that your employees generate maximum impact by placing them in a school or academy which has requested a governor with that employee’s skills.

School governorship is predominantly about board-level engagement. As a result, employees who volunteer as school governors acquire valuable leadership and decision-making skills and become adept at interacting in a strategic, high profile arena. Employees who develop such skills in a governing body/trust board context will be able to deliver strong, strategic results for their companies, particularly when coupled with continuing professional development from within the company itself.

Through Governors for Schools, your company can improve employee board-level skills and satisfaction, while contributing to the employability of the next generation. In addition to a tailored engagement service we offer Business Breakfasts, an e-Learning induction to being a governor, presentations and promotional materials for presence in-company.

KPMG has been working with Governors for Schools since the organisation began and has placed over 300 employees into school governor roles.  School governorship remains such an attractive role because people want to use their skills to make a real difference.  School governorship provides people with a perfect way to do that; whether that is strategic thinking; financial management; organisational development.  Or most importantly, being a critical friend and supporting the senior leadership team to develop the school so that they can do the very best for the pupils they serve.


Board-level volunteering can help increase employee retention, satisfaction and motivation. Increasingly, employees want to work for companies that make a positive impact on the world. In a recent Employment Engagement Study, 79% of respondents preferred to work for a socially responsible company. 94% of millennials, the largest generation currently in employment, want to use their professional skills to benefit a cause. In fact, according to a recent report 55% of younger employees said that policies on volunteering affected their decision to take a job with a particular company. Partnering with Governors for Schools will provide your company with a corporate social responsibility programme that supports employees in leveraging their desire to do good, while using their skills and developing their experience.

By supporting your employees in becoming school governors, your company will also enhance the day-to-day education experiences of children and young people, who will then become more employable.

Governors for Schools provides many tangible benefits for corporate and business partners:

  • An effective and low-cost way of developing employees’ skills particularly leadership
  • Employees gain a strategic overview and board experience in another context
  • Employees develop experience in broader areas of business
  • The corporate responsibility profile of employers is raised
  • New skills and networks are developed
  • Important social issues, such as social mobility, are understood better
  • Employers have a proactive link with the issues of diversity, inclusion and employability.

For more information, please contact:

Louise Cooper
T: 020 7354 9805