Multi Academy Trusts make up an increasingly significant part of the educational landscape today.

Governors for Schools understands that each trust will have a unique governance structure, carefully designed to best support their academies, and that this often involves a transition away from more traditional governing body roles and responsibilities. Our high-quality vacancy matching service is the ideal tool to find the right kind of volunteer for each multi-academy trust.

Recognising that every organisation has different needs and contexts, we take the time to understand each trust’s approach to governance. We carefully review the skills and experience of our volunteers against the requirements of each governing body to find the right match. We recruit across a wide number of areas to help actively find volunteers who can support community engagement and provide a local voice for each institution within the wider multi-academy trust.

The Cabot Learning Federation have been working with Governors for Schools (formerly SGOSS) for over two years to find skilled and committed volunteers to become members of one of our 16 Academy Councils.  Over this period Governors for Schools has put us in touch with many individuals and we have successfully recruited over 20 Academy Councillors.

The team at Governors for Schools are friendly and approachable and take the time to find out the type of skill set the Council is looking for at any particular time.  This ensures that volunteers are well matched to any vacancies.  Governors for Schools then provides support and resources to the newly appointed Councillor to assist them as they grow in their new role.

Wendy Hellin, Cabot Learning Federation