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If you do not know your school URN you can find it here.

Please register trustee/director vacancies for the school where most meetings take place. Should meeting locations vary, please include this information under Other Skills / Requirements below.

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Specific Skills

Specify the skills and / or experience your school requires by selecting the options below:

Essential – You will only consider candidates with these skills

Desirable – You would prefer candidates with these skills

No thanks – we have adequate experience in this area already on our governing body

No Preference – if you are open to receiving details of candidates with these skills


Terms and Conditions

At Governors for Schools we endeavour to deliver the best possible service. In return for marketing your governor vacancy and searching for suitable candidates, we ask you to commit to the following:

  1. Contact Governors for Schools if you fill ANY of your vacancies, even if this is not a Governors for Schools volunteer.
  2. Contact any volunteers you are interested in as soon as possible once you have received their details, even if your next board meeting is not for several months. If you are not interested in the volunteer please let us know.
  3. Respond to any Governors for Schools requests for updates regarding the progress of volunteers or the vacancy situation within your school.
  4. Do not share the contact details of any volunteers sent to you.

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