Corporate Donors

Governors for Schools provides tangible benefits for corporate and business partners. We welcome partnerships in which, for example, we can offer volunteering opportunities for your staff at all levels, while in return, your investment in our organisation drives educational excellence across the country.

School governorship comprises board-level engagement. As a result, employees who volunteer as school governors acquire valuable leadership and decision-making skills. Employees with such skills produce strategic results for their company, especially when integrated with continuing professional development.

Professionals have valuable skills and experience which can be easily transferred to a school governing body. Lawyers, for example, are very skilled in managing their practices and advising individuals/companies on a daily basis.  Applying these skills to school governing bodies is a win-win for everyone involved.

Lloyds Banking Group

By supporting your employees in becoming school governors, your company will enhance the day-to-day education experiences of children and young people. In turn this will yield enhanced employability.

Potential benefits to company of board-level volunteering include:

  • Effective and low-cost way of developing employees skills, particularly at leadership level
  • Gaining a strategic overview and board experience
  • Gives employees experience in broader areas of business
  • Raises the corporate responsibility profile of employers
  • New skills and networks
  • Understanding impact on important social issues

Through Governors for Schools your company can improve employee board-level skills and satisfaction, while contributing to the employability of the next generation. For more information, please contact:

Louise Cooper
T: 020 7354 9805