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Here at Governors for Schools we take your privacy very seriously and will only use your personal information to administer your account and to provide the products and services you have requested from us. Your contact details will be shared with schools and Local Authorities in order to successfully introduce and place you with their current governor vacancies.

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About You

Employment and Education

Supporting Information and Skills

This information helps a governing body to decide whether you would be a good fit with their school or college and have the skills they are looking for.

A detailed personal statement allows schools to see how you will enhance their governing body.

Why be a school governor?

Governor volunteers work alongside the school's leadership team to agree targets, formulate school policy and plan for future development. They set strategic direction, create robust accountability and ensure sound financial practice.

People often want to become a governor to...
* Make a difference to the lives of the next generation
* Give something back to their community
* Utilise the skills they have developed at work to help a local school
* Gain experience of sitting on a governing body
* Show their belief in the importance of education and help improve it for all
* Make a positive contribution to children's education
* Take on a new challenge
Min 100 words Max 300 words


Please indicate your level of experience and skills for the below categories. A governing body is a team and will try to ensure that all necessary skills and knowledge are covered within the group. No individual is expected or required to have all of the below skills.

Skills Knowledge:
Basic - I use this skill in my day to day work life, but on an infrequent basis
Moderate - I use this skill frequently and have a reasonable amount of knowledge in this area
Extensive - This skill is integral to my working life, it is my specialist subject and I can provide expertise in this area
Other useful skills include:

Data Analysis
Performance Management
Community Relations
Chairing Meetings
Challenging Procedures
School Improvement
Special Educational Needs
Project Management

School and Travel Requirements

Preferences and travel requirements help us with our matching process. We cannot guarantee we will be able to fulfil the preferences for every applicant and encourage flexibility to maximise the opportunities available.

Please think carefully about your travel requirements and allow for the fact that governing body meeting times vary depending on the school or college.

We encourage volunteers to be as flexible as possible to ensure a successful match. If you are able to increase your commute time then we may be able to place you sooner.

If you do not know your school URN you can find it here.

If you have a child of school age you can become a 'parent governor' - even if your child does not attend the same school

Equal Opportunities

Governors for Schools is committed to a policy of equal opportunities under the Equalities Act 2010. We are committed to ensuring that there is no unjustified discrimination in the recruitment and / or placement of our volunteers on the basis of age, disability, gender including transgender, race/ethnicity, or religion. This information is only used for internal monitoring.


Qualifications and Disqualifications (regulation 17 and Schedule 4 to the Regulations)

General grounds

Registered pupils cannot be governors.

A governor must be aged 18 or over at the time of his or her election or appointment.

Grounds that arise because of particular failings or actions on the part of the governor

A person is disqualified from being a governor of a particular school if they have failed to attend the meetings of the governing body of that school for a continuous period of six months, beginning with the date of the first meeting they failed to attend, without the consent of the governing body. This does not apply to the headteacher or to foundation governors appointed by virtue of their office.

A foundation, local authority, co-opted or partnership governor at the school who is disqualified for failing to attend meetings is only disqualified from being a governor of any category at the school during the twelve month period starting on the date on which they were disqualified.

A person is disqualified from holding or continuing to hold office as a governor of a school if, in summary, that person:
is the subject of a bankruptcy restrictions order; an interim bankruptcy restrictions order; debt relief restrictions order; an interim debt relief restrictions order; or their estate has been sequestrated and the sequestration has not been discharged, annulled or reduced;

  • is subject to a disqualification order or disqualification undertaking under the Company Directors Disqualification Act 1986; a disqualification order under the Companies (Northern Ireland) Order 2002; a disqualification undertaking accepted under the Company Directors Disqualification (Northern Ireland) Order 2002; or an order made under section 429(2)(b) of the Insolvency Act 1986 (failure to pay under county court administration order)
  • has been removed from the office of trustee for a charity by an order made by the Charity Commission or Commissioners or High Court on grounds of any misconduct or mismanagement in the administration of the charity, or under section 34 of the Charities and Trustee Investment (Scotland) Act 2005 from being concerned in the management or control of any body
  • is included in the list of people considered by the Secretary of State as unsuitable to work with children or young people
  • is barred from any regulated activity relating to children
  • is subject to a direction of the Secretary of State under section 142 of the Education Act 2002 or section 128 of the Education and Skills Act 2008
  • is disqualified from working with children or from registering for child-minding or providing day care
  • is disqualified from being an independent school proprietor, teacher or employee by the Secretary of State
  • subject to certain exceptions for overseas offences that do not correlate with a UK offence, has been sentenced to three months or more in prison (without the option of a fine) in the five years ending with the date preceding the date of appointment/election as a governor or since becoming a governor
  • subject to certain exceptions for overseas offences that do not correlate with a UK offence, has received a prison sentence of two and a half years or more in the 20 years ending with the date preceding the date of appointment/election as a governor
  • subject to certain exceptions for overseas offences that do not correlate with a UK offence, has at any time received a prison sentence of five years or more
  • has been convicted and fined for causing a nuisance or disturbance on school or educational premises during the five years ending with the date immediately preceding appointment/election or since appointment or election as a governor
  • refuses a request by the clerk to make an application to the Disclosure And Barring Service for a criminal records certificate.

Data Protection

From time to time we would like to contact you with details of other services we provide including related e-Learning, information and support. We would also like to stay in touch to see how you are enjoying your role.

We would also like to gather and present trends and insight about our work. We will share this information with Local Authorities and employers to generate interest and opportunities for volunteers and schools.

We will store your data for 4 years, which is the term of office for a school governor. At this point we will contact you again in order to confirm whether you wish to remain on our database.

Our Privacy Policy can be viewed here.